Our Story

Gratitude Tea was founded upon the idea that food can be medicine. With this as Gratitude’s guiding light, we are committed to delivering refreshing, clean, environmentally conscious products that nourish both body and soul. Gratitude Tea retains large amounts of catechins, which have been proven to help regulate blood pressure and cure night blindness. Additionally, the presence of polyphenols has shown to improve cardiovascular diseases, help treat digestive issues, and more. Gratitude Tea embodies these convictions by providing USDA Organic, low calorie, low sugar, nutrient-rich refreshments in a “green package”, free of preservatives and mystery ingredients. We are committed to delivering guilt-free refreshments that are simply, “For the good in you”.

For the Good in You

Our mission is to provide nutrient-dense, ready-to-drink products of the highest ingredient quality that not only taste great, but help consumers build toward a healthful life.

First and Foremost a Wellness Company

Here for Wellness

At Gratitude, we are dedicated to providing nutritionally elite beverages to health-conscious and wellness-minded people that crave organic ingredients, clean and understandable labeling, and environmentally friendly packaging.